Road Assessment and Restoration Planning in the Goose Creek Watershed in the Smith River Basin

Project Dates: 
Funding Organizations: 
US Forest Service
Cooperating Agencies: 
Six Rivers National Forest

In the summer of 2011, Six Rivers National Forest (SRNF) contracted with Natural Resources Services of Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA) to conduct a sediment source assessment of the road system within the Goose Creek watershed, a major tributary to South Fork Smith River within the Smith River National Recreation Area. The project entailed a field examination of all Forest Service roads within the project area and identified road related sources of sediment contribution to the stream network. A total of 58 miles (136 roads) of system and non-system roads were inventoried by field crews.  Crews evaluated potential and active sediment contribution from road surface, stream crossings, cross drains, and erosional features to the stream network.  Data were collected and the location of each feature was recorded with a GPS unit.  Field data, along with a risk assessment model and GIS modeling, were used to identify high priority sites for treatment.  Treatment recommendations for sites requiring decommissioning, upgrades, or maintenance were made in the field. All field data, analysis, and GIS layers were added to the Six Rivers National Forest road database.

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