Watershed Planning and Assessment

NRS works with a wide variety of local stakeholders to assess environmental resources, management issues and opportunities, and compliance needs at various spatial scales.   NRS then develop appropriately sized and focused plans from assessments to feasibility studies to management plans to enhance watershed health while providing for local economic needs. NRS’ watershed staff have experience working at the regional scale (Linking Land and Sea: Coastal Needs Assessment, 2004), in large river systems (Mad River Management Plan, 2010), in medium sized watersheds (Humboldt Bay Watershed Salmon and Steelhead Conservation Plan, 2005), and small watersheds (Lindsay Creek Watershed Assessment, 2006).  NRS staff experience includes landowner outreach, watershed analysis, planning and coordination, providing technical assistance, education, project management, contracting, and production of watershed management plans. 

Related Projects

The goal of the Humboldt Bay Water Quality Improvement Program (HBWQIP) was to protect and improve the water quality and environment of the Humboldt Bay and its tributaries through: (1) coordinated