A non-profit building healthy communities

Natural Resources Services (NRS) is a division of Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA), a private non-profit organization, based in Eureka California. NRS is committed to working with private landowners, government agencies, timber and fisheries industries, tribes, and community-based groups to promote healthy communities and healthy watersheds.

Watershed Services

NRS’ Watershed Program works with diverse landowners to restore local watersheds, protect water quality, and promote informed communities. In the last three decades, NRS' Watershed Program has designed and implemented several hundred fisheries enhancement, water quality improvement, riparian and wetland restoration, erosion and sediment control, urban stream, and educational projects on the north coast to improve conditions for fish, wildlife, and people.

Active Living

NRS’ Active Living Program fosters local and regional partnerships to cultivate a stronger focus for healthy community design, local food security and community empowerment. NRS' Active Living Program plans and implements projects to support local jurisdictions, residents and grassroots organizations in efforts around the built environment, trails, community gardens, and outreach and education.