Humboldt Bay Water Quality Improvement Program

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Project Leads

Ruth Blyther
Funding Organizations: 
California State Water Resources Control Board
Cooperating Agencies: 
Cites of Arcata and Eureka

The goal of the Humboldt Bay Water Quality Improvement Program (HBWQIP) was to protect and improve the water quality and environment of the Humboldt Bay and its tributaries through: (1) coordinated monitoring of non-point source pollution; and (2) conducting public education, outreach, and participation program to reduce pollution from urban runoff and septic systems. NRS worked with a number of entities in the Humboldt Bay watershed including experts from Humboldt State University, Redwood Sciences Lab, and Pacific Lumber Company to develop a Coordinated Monitoring and Research Program (CMRP). The CMRP described the current status of physical and biological monitoring in Humboldt Bay watershed; map locations of current monitoring stations; identify gaps in monitoring that exist; determine mechanisms for coordination between monitoring entities; identify ways to improve data compatibility and data sharing; and described a strategy for long term water quality monitoring in the watershed. The CMRP prioritizes monitoring sites for suspended sediment, turbidity, stream flow, and other priority parameters.