Lake Earl Wildlife Area: Interpretive Signage

Project Dates: 
2013 to 2014

Project Leads

Funding Organizations: 
State of California Wildlife Conservation Board, administered by Smith River Alliance
Cooperating Agencies: 
Tolowa Dune Stewards
Department of Fish and Wildlife
Smith River Alliance
Photo of Lake Earl Wildlife Area kiosk

Interpretive kiosks and signs were installed in the Lake Earl Wildlife Area in Del Norte County, California.

This project entailed research, development and installation of eight interpretive signs, all housed in state-of-the-art kiosk structures except for two smaller trailside signs.  RCAA worked extensively with Tolowa Dunes Stewards and Smith River Alliance, in addition to Department of Fish and Wildlife and Tolowa Deeni’ tribal members in the development of site-appropriate natural and cultural history text and images. Interpretive topics included: estuarine lagoon ecology, Tolowa Deeni’ way of life, coastal dune ponds, bird species, biodiversity, land stewardship and coastal cutthroat trout.