Planning Study to extend the Humboldt Bay Trail from Eureka to College of the Redwoods

Project Dates: 
2023 to 2024

Project Leads

Hank Seemann, Deputy Director-Environmental Services, Humboldt County. 707-268-2680
Cooperating Agencies: 
County of Humboldt Environmental Services

Project Summary

The County of Humboldt Department of Public Works, with support from Redwood Community Action Agency, is leading a planning study for extending the Humboldt Bay Trail to improve safety and multi-modal connectivity between Eureka and College of the Redwoods. The primary purpose of the study is to identify a feasible, community-supported project proposal that would become a priority for future engineering, permitting, and construction. The study envisions developing a paved, multi-use trail for walking, biking, moving with a personal mobility device, and other forms of active transportation.

Rail to Trail

The study focuses on using the former rail corridor, when feasible, which has been designated for trail development by State legislation under the management of the Great Redwood Trail Agency. In addition to the rail corridor, the planning study will evaluate trail connectivity opportunities along the northern portion of Tompkins Hill Road near College of the Redwoods and connections with the Eureka Waterfront Trail, Highway 101, local streets and roads, and transit stops.

Community Involvement

A key component of the study is community involvement. Community workshops, one-on-one meetings, and on-line surveys are some of the tools that will be used to help ensure that trail facilities and road improvements serve the needs and interests of Tribes, landowners, south Humboldt Bay residents, College of the Redwoods students, and K-12 students in the area and are compatible with adjacent land uses. 

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