Water & Wastewater Service Provider Outreach & Support Program – Data Collection and Analysis Support

Project Dates: 
Funding Organizations: 
Subcontractors to County of Humboldt, funded by North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Program
Cooperating Agencies: 
County of Humboldt

NRS provided data collection and analysis support to the County of Humboldt to implement a program to assist small water and wastewater providers, especially those serving disadvantaged communities. This assistance program was offered at no cost to its participants and provided a network of support for small providers that was able to:

  • Help target funding opportunities;
  • Identify and prioritize infrastructure improvement projects;
  • Bring relevant training to areas in need;
  • Make possible the exchange of information with your counterparts in the region;
  • Make possible the pooling of resources such as qualified operators, specialized tools, equipment and technical consultants;
  • Make available standardized procedures for routine managerial responsibilities;
  • Act as a forum for regional coordination.

Staff provided outreach, analysis and prioritization assistance, and spoke with over 100 small water and wastewater service providers to help understand their needs and connect them with resources.