Interpretive Signage

As a component of a larger trail project or an effort unto itself, NRS designs high-quality interpretive panels and sign systems including orientation kiosks, wayfinding systems, and stand-alone signage. For over a decade NRS has been working with regional experts to present the most relevant and accurate information about our natural and cultural resources. NRS coordinates concept development, designs compelling graphic layouts, and works with fabricators and installers to meet project goals.  

Related Projects

Photo of Lake Earl Wildlife Area kiosk

Interpretive kiosks and signs were installed in the Lake Earl Wildlife Area in Del Norte County, California.

The Elk River Hikshari’ Trail (Hikshari’ is the Wiyot place name for this area) is a multiple-use, paved trail that runs between Truesdale Avenue (just south of the Bayshore Mall) 1.5 miles s