Sylvia van Royen

photo of sylvia from chest up, she is wearing a blue flannel with a purple amethyst necklace. she has strawberry blonde hair tied into to low buns, and has blue eyes, she has a nose and lip piercing and is wearing silver hoops with pink rose quarts crystals hanging from each hoop.
Natural Resource Specialist II
(707) 269-2058 x3070

Sylvia has 5 years of experience in the natural resources field, ranging from Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to forestry to solid waste management and air quality monitoring. She has primarily worked with tribes, non-profits, and natural resource management agencies. Through her work a common theme has been GIS—providing mapping services, field data collection, data management, and assisting her colleagues transition into the most up-to-date GIS technology. In her various positions, Sylvia has collaborated with tribal communities, the Nature Conservancy, the US Forest Service, the US EPA, the Western Klamath Restoration Partnership, Redwood National & State Parks, and private timber management companies. A major career goal of Sylvia's is to build equitable, accessible, and sustainable human communities that thrive within the surrounding natural environment.