Eureka SR2S Education and Encouragement

Project Dates: 
2010 to 2011

Project Leads

Funding Organizations: 
City of Eureka
Cooperating Agencies: 
Humboldt County DHHS Public Health Branch

NRS was contracted to coordinate the Education and Encouragement component of a Cycle 8 State-legislated SR2S Grant received by the City of Eureka. The work focused on increasing walking and bicycling in the Washington School neighborhood through infrastructure improvements, education, and encouragement. NRS assisted by coordinating weekly Walking Wednesday events, producing a walking map and brochure, coordinating a Safety Day workshop, developing a parent pledge, and implementing a school wide walking contest. NRS also coordinated a SR2S Task Force acting as facilitator to help guide the project. The Eureka SR2S Task Force continues to meet today and has since spread the reach of SR2S to many other Eureka schools.