HCAOG SR2S Prioritization Tool

Working in conjunction with the Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG) and Alta Planning + Design, the Natural Resources Services Division of RCAA created a tool to help jurisdictions select which Humboldt County schools have the greatest need, capacity, and support for programs and infrastructure improvements that improve safety for students walking and bicycling to school.

Schools, non-profits, and city and county jurisdictions are eligible to apply for federal funding that is available for installation of new pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, traffic calming improvements, and safety education for children. Rather than local entities competing for the same pot of money, HCAOG concluded that Humboldt County SR2S applications would be more competitive if jurisdictions decided collaboratively which schools should be prioritized for funding that will enable more students to walk and bicycle to school. Active transportation not only provides an excellent means of physical activity for children, it also helps reduce traffic congestion, and can help mitigate today’s high cost of fuel. The tool takes into consideration need based on school location, existing infrastructure, socio-economic status of students and families, and safety concerns such as posted speed limits.

Other elements of the project included distributing and collecting SR2S Parent Surveys, selecting two pilot schools and conducting walk audits, developing walking maps and maps with suggestions for infrastructure improvements that can be submitted with future SR2S grant applications.

The SR2S Prioritization Tool can be viewed through the link on the left and also at: http://www.hcaog.net/sites/default/files/hcaog_sr2s_prioritzn_tool_report_final_draft_0.pdf